Robin Barnett, J.D., C.M.T.

'I'll do your body justice.'


"My husband and I both have injuries sustained at work and have had extensive treatment over the past ten years or so, including chiropractic and massage therapy. We've been to quite a few different massage therapists over the years and were unhappy with many of them. We depend on these treatments to be able to keep working, as both of us have injuries to our arms and backs. We were so happy to find Robin, as she is very experienced and skilled in working with soft tissue/muskuloskeletal injuries and is able to specialize the treatments to our needs as they change. She is one of the very best massage therapists we've been to, and it is always a pleasure to see her as she has such a wonderful, kind spirit."
-Bonnie and Vince, Oakland

"Robin has a remarkable way of finding the source of my sorest spots and healing them. I recently had numbness in my left hand for several months and Robin was able to work on me in such a way that the feeling returned. She is a very gifted massage therapist. Her caring comes through her hands."
-Nan, San Francisco

"I have been all over the world and have never had my body cared for like this before. Robin, you are the best."
-Dr. C, traveling through Oakland from NYC

"Thanks for being such a mensch, a great massage therapist and smart and funny too!"
-Tina, Alameda

"As a person who has a somewhat strenuous exercise regimen, I frequently encounter pulled muscles and strains that may inhibit certain aspects of my routine. It was suggested to me to have a massage to alleviate muscle discomfort.

I never have been attracted to the idea of massage mostly because I did not know or understand what it entailed. I made an appointment with Robin. She patiently outlined to me different kinds of massage. She put me at ease with her great wealth of knowledge and professionalism.

The experience with her massage technique alleviated tension that I was not aware I had, and provided a sense of absolute well-being with peace in body & mind.

I highly recommend Robin not only for a novice to massage therapy, but to anyone who knows the benefits from the connection of body and mind associated with healing hands."

-Lesli, Oakland

"After suffering whiplash from a car accident I had a series of therapeutic massages from Robin. My shoulder and neck were incredibly tight and immobile. She was able to relieve the pain as well as restore, and increase, my range of motion in those areas. In addition she opened up other areas - chest, back, and pecs - that were locked as well. I would recommend her style and massage techniques to anyone!"
-John, Oakland

Want a regular, quiet massage listening to your favorite music? It’s yours. Want some deep tissue work to get out trigger points and tightness after latest gym or cycling or skiing activity? That too. Want to gab a bit along the way with a smart, sensitive soul about politics, philosophy, meditation, life’s twists and turns. OK. All at a very competitive price?  Yup. How do I know? I’ve had each and every experience with Robin once or twice per month over the past couple of years and plan on continuing as long as she’s at it.

-Tom, Oakland


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